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LeBron James, Steph Curry Go Head-to-Head With Freaky Halloween Costumes


LeBron James, Steph Curry Go Head-to-Head With Freaky Halloween Costumes

The NBA’s two most popular players probably pulled off two of the most epic Halloween costumes this year. LeBron James went as Pennywise from the It movie, and it’s horrifyingly realistic. Warriors guard Steph Curry pedaled into the arena as Jigsaw, posing for photos completely masked. 

The NBA season is just getting underway, and neither the Warriors or Cavaliers have completely lived up to their preseason hype just yet. But the two stars’ costumes were worthy of their on-court prowess. 

James wasn’t the only Cleveland Cavaliers player to get in on the fun.

The Cavaliers weren’t the only team to get in on the fun. The rival Oklahoma City Warriors did, too.

Some former Cavaliers like Isaiah Thomas had some fun with it as well. 

Tennis star Eugenie Bouchard went as a character from the show Baywatch.


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The entire Las Vegas Golden Knights hockey team played dress-up together too, and well before the actual holiday.

Pittsburgh Penguins goalkeeper Marc-Andre Fleury put a ton of effort into his costume. Still unclear if moved around in it.

Athletes across all sports, whether in-season of off, clearly wanted to participate. And with the quality of the costumes, it seems as though they are trying to out-do one another.

But not every athlete was in the mood to dress up. 

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