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2016: The Movie (Trailer)


2016: The Movie (Trailer)

[Crowd counting down] What, oh. – Don’t pose, it’s a video. – Oh my God, you’re so annoying. – I know. New year, new house, new us! – Happy new year! – Happy new year! (cheering) (laughing) – [2016] You wanna know who died today? – [Friend] So how’s the new place? – It’s good. It’s… Things have been kinda weird around here lately. – [Stan] Weird how? – Things just don’t feel normal.

– You’re probably just imagining things. – I’m noticing it here too. It’s like things you’d never expect are happening everywhere. – No! – Terrible things. – Guys. They shot a gorilla. – I don’t understand, what is this thing? – It’s not a what. It’s a when. – There has to be a pattern. – There isn’t. – George Michael, Rickman, Wilder, Prince, Bowie, Ali.

– There’s no pattern! Ah! – What happened? – I tried to call for help and my phone exploded. – What? – My phone literally exploded in my hand.

– England just left Europe. – Why? – Nobody knows, they just left. (ominous music) – I feel like I’m going crazy. – It’s gonna be okay. It’s not like it can get any worse. – [2016] It’s only locker room talk! – Did you remember to vote? – [2016] I have the best months. Everyone says I’m a great year. – [Ben] We lost Leia. This ends now. ♫ Should auld acquaintance ♫ Be forgot ♫ And never brought to mind – [2016] Do you think this is over? (suspenseful music) We’re just getting started. ♫ And days ♫ of auld ♫ lang syne.

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